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 Global Investor Group scours the world to find the best equity research, then implements this as a range of unique passive investments.

Trading Strategies

For investors who love temporarily undervalued Blue Chip stocks which offer medium to high yields, strong capital upside and, a sustainable passive portfolio income.

We scour the world to find the best equity research, then implement this as a range of unique passive investments we call - Trading Strategies.  Each Strategy can contain dozens of separate Blue Chip companies within a particular market sector.  This offers not only spread risk/return, but the ability to identify early trends in a market segment.


Some Strategies we offer include - Oil, Brexit Bargains, Gold, Aussie BlueChip and Mining. 


These Trading Strategies are translated into buy/sell/hold signals for clients who love to beat the market, but who may not have the time, or ability, to analyse hundreds of research and data points a day, let alone action what they find.

We're not portfolio managers, brokers or advisers; rather we research the researchers and work solely with the retail investor in mind. We do not make decisions about your personal investments or touch your trading funds in any way.

Our clients use our signals to enhance their trading decisions – or to issue a “Standing Order” whereby they instruct their broker to follow all the signals that relate to a particular strategy (which stocks to buy/sell/hold within that strategy as signals are issued).  This in effect makes it a passive investment.

There are a number of compelling reasons why a Global Investor Trading Strategy would
be a valuable addition to your holdings. A few follow;

• Passive approach – we find strategies that work and, your broker implements them
• Trade through your own account with as little as £5,000
• Proven solutions with years of audited live results
• Exit your investment at any time
• No management fees

You're not locked in for any length of time and, can sell your investments if you're not happy with performance, or need your funds for another purpose.

Brexit Bargains

A selection of largely UK based blue chip companies that are, or may benefit from the UK's decision to leave the EU.

With every great change comes great opportunity and our experts scour the world to find it.

Bluechip Strategy

When only the very best will do.  The Bluechip strategy analyses a range of first world blue chip companies and looks at he fundementals to find those temporarily affected by events such as pre-annual report, political turmoil (such as Brexit) or bad publicity. 

If the fundamentals remain strong (such as good dividend yields and low debt), then they are often bought at bargain basement prices.

Business Meeting


Combining only bluechip companies from the oil industry such as drilling, retail, exploration and refinement.  

These are then weighted and traded regularly to take advantage of events such as OPEC announcements, weather and tariffs.  

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