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Passive Income is a concept that helps you understand investments better. Find the definition and importance of Passive Income here. Global Investor Group has simplified it for you.

Passive Income

Whether hosting seminars for hundreds of people, or at cocktail parties with our Investor Club, the two things we get asked most often are; "can I get a truly passive income" and "can it really be tax free?".

The "simple" answer is yes.

We'd never suggest you ignore an investment, or that money is free.  You should read your reports and keep up to date with world events at the very least.  If that's about as much time as you've got to commit however, then yes, we may be able to help.


As for making your new passive income tax free.  It's actually simpler than you think.


Some of the worlds oldest and wealthiest families, along with numerous corporations, have their affairs managed in a multitude of legal, strategic structures which ensure they pay as little tax as possible (as many of us discovered through the Panama Paper leak).  


And we're ok with that.  


You can't avoid tax completely, and nor should you.  You probably pay a range of these already; sales tax, fuel tax, inheritance or death tax, ​council tax, car tax, congestion tax, alcohol tax etc.. etc..  etc.. Frankly, we think you've done enough.


We specialise in helping you make that passive income, then reducing the tax you pay on it by structuring the income sensibly.  It's our full service "make it, keep it" approach - and it's very popular.


As each structure is bespoke, we'll need to discuss matters personally and of course offer a range of disclaimers - but it's well worth a call. 

Passive Equity

Investment Income

  • Blue Chip Strategy Signal Service

  • Temporarily undervalued Blue Chip equities traded for capital gain

  • Text or Email Alert options

  • Independent, fully regulated brokers

  • Standing order forms to action signals, so you don't have to

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Property Income

  • Managed Capital Gain and "Flip"

  • 10% Plus Rental Yields

  • Managed Holiday Rental Portfolio  (eg AirBNB etc..)
  • Managed Residential & Commercial Portfolios 
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Quarterly Income

  • Blue Chip Strategies designed for "buy and hold" 

  • Better than market Blue Chip dividends 

  • Strategies combine stocks in multiple markets for spread risk 

  • Markets that don't tax income from capital gains on stocks are preferred

  • Income can be structured in a way that is "off shore" and most tax efficient and then paid quarterly

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