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 Global Investor Group focuses on first world, stable, solid economies that offer great legal protection.

Build a Tax Free

Property Portfolio

We focus on first world, stable, solid economies, that offer great legal protection.


Within this framework, we look for temporarily undervalued portfolios, often as a result of economic downturns, vendor hardship, a change in government or a shift in lending rates.


Properties must further offer a low to medium risk, minimum 10% yield and a significant short term capital upside from re-valuation or sale.  

Our Armchair Investor Program will expand your awareness in a range of these opportunities, not only through “spread risk” portfolios, but also allowing for profits in other countries, avoiding the pitfalls of a single currency, in a global market.  


We then help you earn those profits in no tax, or low tax jurisdictions.


As a member, our regular newsletters, seminars and networking events are designed to stimulate and educate, as much as getting you in front of the right deals… at the right time!  

Swindon, UK

23% Discount on Valuation 

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Dublin, Ireland

14% Discount on Valuation

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Wisbech, UK

11% discount on valuation 

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