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There are many ways that individuals can save income tax. Learn more from the Global Investor Group, we have simplified it for you.

Reduce Your Tax Bill

A passive income can help you build wealth and meet your savings goals, but might require a lot of initial hard work. Global Investor Group guide will help you with the process.

Passive Income

Trading undervalued Blue Chip stocks that offer medium to high dividend yields with a strong capital upside and a solid passive income.

We uncover the very best equity research, then implement this as a range of unique passive investments we call - Trading Strategies.  


Each Strategy can contain dozens of separate Blue Chip stocks within a particular market sector.  

Some Strategies we offer include - Oil, Brexit Bargains, Gold, Aussie BlueChip and Mining. 

When combined with a Standing Order Form, our trading strategies become a fully passive income; offering solid dividend yields with significant capital upside.

We could even help you significantly reduce, or eliminate the tax burden on your new income.

Free Property Equity

Featured properties must offer an immediate capital upside through re-valuation and/or sale.  We call this "free equity.


In addition, they offer in excess of 10% yield, are available for mainstream funding and are either tenanted currently, or immediately tenantable.  

Every Global Investor property undergoes a thorough approval process; triple checking everything from the physical structure to current yields, local trends and zoning.

We focus on first world, stable, solid economies, that offer great legal protection and sustainable growth.


Within this framework, we look for undervalued properties, often as a result of economic downturns, developer sell down, vendor hardship, a change in government policy or a shift in lending rates.  

Finally, we work with partners to offer a range of advice and services to help you reduce, or even eliminate taxes on your new property income.  It's all part of the service. 

Global Investor Group, will work with partners to offer a range of advice and services to give you guidance on your property equity.  
Global Investor Group specialists provide integrated solutions to all segments of the industry and across the lifecycle of an asset.

Capital Projects

Global Investor works with a variety of partners from merchant bankers and leading law firms; to civil engineers and local government.  


We bring key stakeholders together on major capital projects such as the Metrino Ultra Light Rail being implemented currently in India and the UK, or Credyts, the revolutionary new gold-backed digital token we are helping bring to market this summer.


From time to time the ability to partake in a project is opened to pre-qualified members who will add value.

If you'd like to be considered for one of these opportunities as well, get in touch below.

Let's Connect

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Trading globally as;

 Global Investor Group

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