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Buy Gold NOW.

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Around 18 months ago we issued a "buy gold now" email bulletin.  Well, gold's "rocketing up" again and it's time to double down. 

Last time we felt gold had been undervalued for some time, and as global currencies were fluctuating, offering uncertainty to investors, traditional safe havens like gold were becoming desirable again.

I'm pleased to say that the gold strategy is now up close to 30% since that signal was issued, and now, given the issues this week with Iran, we feel there's a significant boost to those numbers yet to come.

There's been a range of companies, and market sectors, within that Gold strategy which have performed well.  A detailed report of which is available on request.  

As always, we selected companies within the sector which complemented each other to make up a balanced portfolio. We then adjusted the strategy daily and weekly, removing those underperforming stocks and adding others with upside potential and strong dividends.

Whether drilling companies, a pipeline supply company, retail organisations or exploration, if they were bluechip and the fundamentals were strong, we added them to our list of potential stocks to filter by our pre-defined categories. The net result was, no matter which end of the market we are focused on, be it the exploration for oil or the ultimate retailing of oil, the strategy covered the field.

"Today I need to issue another signal update on Gold - for those that did nothing last time, let me state very clearly again; BUY GOLD NOW."

Whilst we've already seen significant growth in this Gold Strategy, we feel that given recent currency instabilities with the UK pound and Brexit, and the US dollar with rising debt levels, this triggers to buy are still good.  Add to that however, the emerging Middle Eastern crisis and Gold is an absolute no brainer.  For now.

To prove the point, as seen below, we've watched the gold spot rate skyrocket over the last week, being up 3% today alone - and we feel there's still plenty to go.

Whilst it's fair to say we don't expect gold to go up 3% every day, the underlying fundamentals all point to a strong market in months or years to come.

Can I still get involved?

To maintain prime liquidity in a strategy, we do limit spaces; plus markets don't go up forever, so to learn more click HERE.

Whether you walk down to the nearest vault and by kilos of the stuff over the counter, or invest in gold stocks on the Aussie or UK markets, now is the time to do it.

Either way - happy investing!


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