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We told you so - It's a GOLD RUSH!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

In my last email to you in mid January, gold was at $1570 USD an ounce.

At the time I said, “We are confident that if you have not done so already, it is still a great time to buy gold, or gold related stocks.“

Well, gold’s now up over 26% this year alone and is pushing past $1670 USD with no sign of easing.

For those of you that did buy, say $50k worth of gold at the time, you’ll have a tidy, gold backed profit of around $5000 to spend in a little over a month, or over $10,000 pure profit on $50k for the year!

For those that didn’t take our advice then. You may make a little less, but we’re sure it’s not too late to have a win.

With a boost of over 70% since we first issued a buy order, and a rise of over 11% in the last 2 months alone (in part due to troubles with Iran), we can see why it’s now spiked again by over 7% in the last 30 days (largely as a result of uncertainty around the Coronavirus).

Gold’s a safe haven and the smart money is seeing a trend.

Gold has Risen Another 7% Since Global Investor Issued the Last BUY Signal
Gold has Risen Another 7% Since Global Investor Issued the Last BUY Signal

The world’s becoming increasingly unstable and according to almost all in the know, is well overdue a “correction”. Many predict worse.

China, the worlds second largest economy is facing crises and “official figures” are notoriously unreliable in terms of grass roots impact. The worlds largest economy, the US, has been bankrupt for years with a debt so large they can never repay it. On top of which, they now some of those eye watering sums to China. Let’s hope China doesn’t need the cash. Of course, there’s also the trade war between them to consider.

It’s a crap shoot out there, and with the equities market plummeting again yesterday, following the announcement on Milans quarantine, the potential for spread in Europe, does nothing to calm the money men. Images of empty super market shelves and shortages of basic medical supplies in a first world country like Italy should give us all pause.

There are few investments however that you can say are as bluechip as bullion; or that offered a 22% tax free return in the last year! Even in a world full of speculative Chinese trade.

Global Investor Accurately Predicted Three Gold Spikes This Year
Global Investor Accurately Predicted Three Gold Spikes This Year

We’ve said it many times in the last 4 years - BUY GOLD NOW.

What we haven’t been able to say is that now, for the first time, Gold can be as easy, and portable, as it is safe.

The “Private Wealth Club built FOR Gold, ON Gold and WITH Gold.”

If you're a long time follower of Global Investor, you may qualify for an early invitation to join the club.

If so, keep an eye out for it in your inbox shortly.

Either way, again, it’s our recommendation that you move at least some cash or equity investment to gold, or selected gold related stocks. Fast.

To find out how, feel free to contact the author, and we’ll be in touch by phone or email.


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